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"I've participated in NAM twice

now and each time I have

grown so much... I never thought that I would be the pageant type; I'm not your tyipcal girl.  Everyone should try it; I know I had a blast! Even being a tomboy, like myself!"

                     -Samantha, from Texas





"Thank you for the great time at the state competition!  It amazes me how much Teresa, as a 4 year old, came away learning, and the difference in her bashfulness after just one event. We really are amazed with the National American Miss program!"

                   -Sharlene, from Minnesota



“One of the best organizations in the country for girls to learn public speaking skills, interviewing skills, and becoming confident in who they are! If there is any pageant system I would have wanted my two daughters to participate in, I am so thankful it was NAM! Though there are many pageants that can be considered a scam, I can say from the bottom of my heart that NAM is the real deal! This organization is truly here to help girls of all ages, sizes, and colors to become strong, confident girls who can proceed into their career with life skills that are desperately needed in young women today!”

                                     – Lisa, from Ohio

"Our family has been a part of NAM

since 2013 and it has been the best experience! We look forward to it every year. Alena has gained so much confidence and grace by participating with NAM.  I couldn’t be more proud of the young lady she is growing into and NAM has been a huge part of that. We will be with this organization for as long as possible! I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!"

                        – Gina, from Arizona



"I have competed with National American Miss for 5 years now and I can't even begin to tell you about what it has done for me and my family.  At age 13, I was an extremely shy girl.Today I am a confident young woman, ready to take on the world with style and grace!"

                   -Tiffany, from Arizona



"Participating in NAM has truly been a wonderful and rewarding experience. Not only was I able to build confidence in my abilities, but I made some great friends, met wonderful people and shared some great experiences that will last a lifetime."

                   -Jennifer, from California

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